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Website Design

Website Design is what makes us tick. We provide professional services all the way through the development of your website.

We can help you to get started and let you look after the site yourself or we can look after it for you on a maintenance agreement. The options are always bespoke to you and your budget.

Below are only a handful of the sites we've completed. We've recently launched the Abney Garsden McDonald Solicitors Website and there are many more we are looking to add here. Take a look at some of these sites to get a taste of what affordable website design can be. SEO is worked into the solution to get you higher in the search rankings

Our designs use the latest techniques to help Google and other top search engines to match your site favourably to the keywords that potential customers will enter to try and find a company / service like yours.

Our prices are listed to the right, but we look to tailor bepoke solutions to you and give you options within your budget.

Glam Galore Webiste Project

Glam Galore

Our latest eCommerce Website is a work in progress.

This project shows more of our graphical skills. Get in touch for great Online Shop costs.

Click Image to see a large version.

H. DeCruz Limited Website

H. Decruz Ltd - Accountants

Our latest Project is H Decruz Limited's new accountants website.

The corporate clean look works extremely well in the high quality, high value project. Take a look at their new site.

Click Image to see a large version.

Rec Cam Photography

Red Cam Photography

This is a work in progress proof of concept for a Professional Photography company.

If you are such a company, why not get in touch with us?

Click Image to see a large version.

Decisive Operations

Decisive Operations

Risk Management Professionals Decisive Operations wanted a clean and fresh site with professional touches that brought out the correct image. Take a look at the clean design working well with a hint of Flash.

The Owner, John Collicut, found working with us very easy and enjoyable. His business is booming and we hope to be able to help you in the same way too!

Click Image to visit the site.

abney garsden mcdonald's website

Abney Garsden McDonald

Abneys are a major solicitor in the Greater Manchester area.

They wanted a strong professional look that they could maintain using Dreamweaver. We provide occasional help free of charge as they expand their site.

Click Image to visit the site.

Decisive Operations

Garth Rigby Solicitors

Garth Rigby Solicitors required a very low cost site that got to the point and required minimal updates.

We were able to give them a good design in a very short period with a very low cost, which helps in tough times.

Click Image to visit the site.

Computer Solutions UK

Computer Solutions UK

Computer Solutions UK worked with us during the early 2000's to provide businesses with a website to go with their new computer network - as part of a larger project run by them.

We designed their website as part of the partnership.

Click Image to visit the site.

If you want to contact us with no obligation, we can take you through the design of your website and what is possible for the right price for you. You will not find the level of professionalism and quality for the level of price we offer anywhere else. Try us!



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Contact Us
Get in contact with us below and we promise to reply promtly to answer any questions you may have for your latest projects.

Price List

Company Logo

£30 - £300+

3 Page Budget Site

From £80

A one to three page site would usually be an advert for your company, where there isn't any feedback to you through the site. It just serves to put across information such as phone numbers, what you do and how to get more information etc.. The price includes the site's graphics and extends to a new company logo (large corporate logos cost more by negotiation).

Small Custom Designed Site

£150 - £600

A small site usually means a site with 4-6 pages; an online brochure with an interactive link between you and your customers. Custom graphics provide a unique image that puts across the professional image of your company.

eCommerce Sites

£250 - £1200

For a first time online shop we can offer prices as low as £250. Most shops cost around £500 with full advice on how to run the site.

Medium-Sized Site

£600 - £2000+

This catagory is for real business sites. Customers in this category are wanting a site with real corporate presence. They want a means for their customers to contact them through the site. They want a framework which is easily updated, where they have minimal skills in this area. Flash elements can add dynamic content here.

Contact Us to talk about Systems, Software and Games Development.

We can also Offer Training!

Contact Us for training on Website Development (All areas including Dreamweaver and Photoshop!), SEO, Games Development, ECDL Training - Infact any training you require, run it by us and we'll be able to put together a bespoke course for a very low price.