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Logo Design and Brand Creation

We offer a logo design service that is tailored to your needs. We can help you to create the right image for your company with a professional logo. We dsign to high standards and we don't charge the earth. Working with our clients over the years, we know that the major conern is that they fear that the results will not be right for them and that they will have funded an exercise that doesn't come to fruit. We promise to work with you until you are happy with the results.

From business startups to large companies, we can match the right designer with you for you budget. Try Us!

See some examples below for our design ability.

Zero G Magazine - Corporate Logo Design

The Therapy Shop

Nth Dimention Motherboard Corporate Logo

KeepAfloat.com Logo Design

Timeslip Logo Creation

AquaBlue Bathrooms Logo for their Fleet of Vans

Cyber Pages Corporate Brand Design    

PhaseShift Magazine Brand Design

NtT Software Logo

Drake Logo for a School

Above is only a sample of the great logos we've created. We can even package them up as part of your new website to lower the cost even further.

3d Design

We also have 3d animation skills in house should you need them. This little aniamtion shows off some of our older work.


Download actual movie here. (10Mb low qualtiy version)


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Contact Us
Get in contact with us below and we promise to reply promtly to answer any questions you may have for your latest projects.

Price List

Company Logo

£30 - £300+

3 Page Budget Site

From £80

A one to three page site would usually be an advert for your company, where there isn't any feedback to you through the site. It just serves to put across information such as phone numbers, what you do and how to get more information etc.. The price includes the site's graphics and extends to a new company logo (large corporate logos cost more by negotiation).

Small Custom Designed Site

£150 - £600

A small site usually means a site with 4-6 pages; an online brochure with an interactive link between you and your customers. Custom graphics provide a unique image that puts across the professional image of your company.

eCommerce Sites

£250 - £1200

For a first time online shop we can offer prices as low as £250. Most shops cost around £500 with full advice on how to run the site.

Medium-Sized Site

£600 - £2000+

This catagory is for real business sites. Customers in this category are wanting a site with real corporate presence. They want a means for their customers to contact them through the site. They want a framework which is easily updated, where they have minimal skills in this area. Flash elements can add dynamic content here.

Contact Us to talk about Systems, Software and Games Development.

We can also Offer Training!

Contact Us for training on Website Development (All areas including Dreamweaver and Photoshop!), SEO, Games Development, ECDL Training - Infact any training you require, run it by us and we'll be able to put together a bespoke course for a very low price.